Aug Vol 2

By Peter Underwood 

All the newbies are officially here, speech contest practice is underway, and everyone’s digging out their ties for opening ceremony after months of Cool Biz. Welcome parties, post-welcome-party-parties, it’s all been kicking off in Aomori, and, if I can get soppy for a moment, it has really proven (and demonstrated to our new friends) that Aomori really has one of the best JET communities.

This issue, I’m handing over Spotlight duties to the excellent Angie Hawn, who is going to take Spotlight in exciting community-focused directions. I can’t wait!

This month is a post-party hangover cure waiting to happen. Check out:

Aomori Spotlight: Angie speaks with Aidan Morrison and his local musical adventures – Aidan Morrison

Techknowledgey: Pokemon Go + exercise + this article on awesome headphones = Multi-purpose audio for both –
Ultimate Exercise / Pokemon Go Headphones – A quick overview

Mediabug: I’m sure Michael Diana will kill me when he finds out I spent a good 5 minutes wondering why he was covering deadmau5. Turns out I just can’t read! Instead, he talks about Visual Kei band deadman

Hot Springs Eternal: David’s literally eternal knowledge of onsenery takes us to the waters of Hachijojima in Thinking Outside the Box (or rather, How the Heck Can This Be Tokyo?)

Japantics: Newbies beware! If you have middle name(s), take care what you use where, as Lauren found out in Lack of foresight and miscommunications


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