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The Secret Waterfall

By Kyle Buck

Soryu Falls (双竜の滝)  by Mitchell Urbanowicz

People often ask me what my favorite part about living in Aomori is. I can tell them, without a doubt, that it is the natural beauty of the area. Weather you drive, hike, or ski there are so many wonders to discover. Join me this month as I introduce you to one of the secret waterfalls of Oirase Gorge.

Oirase Gorge is well known for its abundance of natural beauty. The waterfalls and foliage are breathtaking all year round. I find them to be especially beautiful in the winter after the water has frozen over.

Much of this can be seen from your car, but if you want to really experience the area, you will need to get out and walk a little. And, if you are up for a bit of a hike, there are several waterfalls you can find that are seldom seen.

Kumoi Falls (雲井の) by Mitchell Urbanowicz

About halfway through the gorge you will see Kumoi Falls. Kumoi Falls is well worth seeing on its own; however, above that three tiered waterfall, and a little further upstream, is the even more beautiful Soryu Falls.

Click here to see the full 360° photo, and some others from Soryu Falls.

This waterfall can be reached via a short 15 minute hike. Facing Kumoi Falls, the trail head will be on your left. There are no signs, but the trail itself is well worn. To find the trail take a sharp left as you reach the open area in front of Kumoi Falls. The first meter is rather steep, but after that it becomes a much more gradual ascent with several switchbacks (zigzags in the trail). There is a large log over the path just before Soryu Falls, so please be careful getting around it.

Finally, you will come to the astonishing basin of the Soryu Falls (or the Twin Dragon Waterfall in English).

I can’t wait to check this place out in the winter!

Soryu Falls (双竜の滝) by Mitchell Urbanowicz

I was lucky enough to capture a photographer hard at work in their natural habitat. Thank you for the pictures Mitchell!

If you have any pictures from your adventures in this or the surrounding areas that you would like to have featured, please send them to with a short description.


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