Trivia Trap

Pokemon Puzzlers!

The winner of this month’s Trivia Trap was Sophie Rubenking! She chose the MYSTERY BOX (how I love the mystery box). See below for the answers…

By Peter Underwood




POKEMON GO IS HERE and I am a very happy person full of nostalgia, catching pidgeys and ratattas left and right to fuel my evolutions. To celebrate, we’ve got some Pokemon questions for you to answer. Good luck!

Here are the two wonderful prizes you can try for:

1)¥1000 Starbucks gift card
2) Mysterious Mystery Box of Mysterious Mystery! Tell us what kind of stuff you’re into, and place your faith in me to deliver a worthy prize. It could be anything–even a ¥1000 Starbucks gift card!

mystery box boat trivia

Can you answer ’em all?

  1. In the weeks following the release of Pokemon Go, Spotify found that streams of the Pokemon theme increased by roughly how much?
    1. Around 326%
  2. In what game was the pokemon Munna first described?
    1. Way back in Red/Blue, it was described by a trainer outside of a cave. The pokemon didn’t appear until Black/White
  3. Why is Magikarp’s famous ‘Splash’ not a water-type ability?
    1. The Japanese name for the move, はねる (haneru), means hop, not splash. This one can just be put down to localisation.

As always, use any means necessary to find the answers to the questions. Send your answers to Answers are due by Sunday 14th August! The winner will be announced in the September Vol. 1 issue of Good Morning Aomori.

Do you have any interesting trivia or facts you want to share with the Aomori crowd? If your trivia is chosen, you’re automatically entered into the prize drawing! E-mail us at


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