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Pairs – Making time for writing Rhymes (and watching Netflix)

By Jackson Hale

Dear Jackson,


Recently, now that I have money from working, I have the ability to buy things and do things I want to do like travel and go to the gym. But I don’t have the time to do it. Tell me, how can I find the time to both binge watch TV, listen to podcasts, and do important things like go run and do chores?

Yours truly,

Fungible (Fungibill?) Resource

Dear Fungible,


Welcome to Forward all Inquiries! The GMA article where I answer questions and give advice to people who have written in. if you have any really unimportant inoffensive questions you want to ask me, I want to hear them!


For example, “Isn’t Jane the Virgin just the best?”, to which I would reply, “You are darn well right.”


To all the people not wanting my advice – “Sup haters*”.


So, Ms. Fungible, you want to know how you make time for your shows and your dishes, eh? First things first, I will assume that you have Netflix, and Jane the Virgin is a show on your list of shows to watch.


So when I was in middle school I would get home around 3:15. I walked home and was a latchkey kid, so I had the house to myself until my parents got home. Usually it was pretty dull. Mind achingly dull. I had so much free time. And my family was poor (humblebrag) so when I got a new way to distract myself I really just made it last. For example, my dad bought me a guitar for my fourteenth birthday, and I played it and played it and played it (and never got a girlfriend). Every video game I got, every book I got, every DVD I owned (Rush Hour 2) I just used again and again.


But now it has switched, right? We can buy things but never finish them. Like books and Netflix.


So you want to strike a balance, eh? I think I can help ya out.


But you should definitely spend time with people. Some people are more introverted, some are extroverted. Some people want to have more intimate friendships, so on so on.


So you need to make a list of all the things you want to do for fun. It might look like this:

  1. Finish the Walking Dead
  2. Listen to Podcasts
  3. Play Pokemon Go
  4. Study Japanese
  5. Exercise
  6. Cook food
  7. Watch Yokai Watch
  8. Prepare for Work
  9. Write the next great american novel
  10. Plan a trip to New Zealand


Ok so first thing we will do is pair activities. Try to pair things that the performance of one activity will pull another activity along. For example, lets take one activity that is super popular this week: Pokemon Go (written on 7/20/2016).


Pokemon Go pairs well with both exercise (if you are running), and podcasts. You can do three things all at once even. And probably all three things would be unproductive, but you would still get things done.


From there, our list gets totals seven. We can pair cooking with the walking dead for five remaining, Japanese with Yokai Watch (Japanese language version) for three remaining.


For activities you don’t feel like you can effectively pair with others, those probably will require your complete focus. So I wouldn’t attempt to write the next great American novel while preparing work materials.


But you gotta be careful when pairing things like this. When you multitask, you may not be as time efficient. For example, one hour of cleaning with focus might be as productive as five hours of cleaning while watching TV.


Ok, so, there is one strategy for dealing with how you don’t have any time. But, I also have another idea. Why don’t you just choose one or two things to become a big nerd in. For example, if its music, practice music. If its Japanese or exercise, do Japanese or exercise. But don’t burn through your time with excessive amounts of Netflix or video games (unless that’s the kind of Nerd you want to be).


Anyways, when all else fails, make lists. You wont do anything productive, but you may realize how much time you spend doing things that aren’t super important.


Good luck!



*Haters: i just wanted to say hey, was wondering how you are doing. No hard feelings, you do you. I wish you the best, kiss kiss.


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