Not Another Pokémon Go Article

The hip new creation that’s not (or wasn`) sweeping the nation!

By Robert Kondo

Yes, it’s true. Pokémon Go is taking over the world. Everywhere except for good ole Japan (hopefully it’s out before this article!). The hype is too real. How-to articles have been popping up on every trendy website. Not to mention the crazy stories about people finding dead bodies, getting mugged, or ending up in places they wouldn’t expect.

Now, the question you should ask yourself is: do I really want to play this game? Here are 5 reasons why you should and 5 why you shouldn’t play Pokémon Go (These are all my silly opinions so they should be taken halfheartedly. After all, it’s JUST a game. *Mumbles to self* I neeeeeed it…O.O.)


You’re in Japan, why wouldn’t you?

Japan is the birth place of Pokémon. For those of us who grew up playing the old Gameboy games this is a dream come true.

You’re in Japan, why should you!

Simply put, we live in Japan. With winter gone and summer festivals sprouting everywhere, there will be plenty to do. Pick up a new book, hang with your buddies, watch hanabi or take a train to somewhere new!


Your students (maybe some co-workers) will play this game!

I’ve already had so many conversations about the game with my students and a few intrigued co-workers. If it’ll be anything like the U.S., this game will spread just like the infection in World War Z. (you should see the hordes of people!)

Your students may have no interest in it!

Many of the players are in their 20s and 30s, representative of those who grew up playing the game and watching the tv show. Though I don’t doubt junior high and lower grades are just as anxious as 20 somethings, the dedication to catching, leveling, and defeating gyms might not be as intense as their older siblings. Of course time will only tell!


You will play eventually!

People who never watched, played, or had interest in the franchise are now dedicated Pokémon trainers. This is mostly a result of who you hang around with. I’ve heard stories of boyfriends getting their girlfriends, kids getting their parents, and best friends getting their BFFS to catch ‘em all!

It will come and go in an instant

The best thing about summer and summer vacation is having time off. People have time to run around outside for hours without a care in the world. When school, work, and other adult like obligations come creeping up, however, those five hours outside will be limited to about 30 minute lunch breaks. Not to mention our freezing winters will stop us in our tracks!


You can explore new places, meet new people!

Because this game relies heavily on the use of you being outside, you will without a doubt stumble upon some new places you never even thought of visiting. You might find a park and end up talking to some strangers about which team they joined. The possibilities are endless!

New places offer new dangers

I’m not saying Aomori is a dangerous place, but you might end up in places you shouldn’t be. One person in the U.S. filmed himself near a lake at night, wasn’t paying attention to where he was going, and fell right off the dock. Others have reported stumbling and falling because they were so engrossed in finding a rare Pokémon. The game cautions users about staying alert and for good reasons.


The game is fun and engaging

Yes, it is just a game. But for many it’s a childhood dream come true. The mechanics are entirely different from every Pokémon game so far, offering a new user experience. With the anticipated arrival of new updates and events, you’ll never get bored.

There’s not much to it

Even with all these new features, it is only a game. You can choose to leave it on your phone or uninstall it. The game doesn’t require anything from you. Your Pokémon will not die, nor will they go anywhere. It’s all up to you and how you want to play the game!

I ain’t no Pokémon expert, but I hope this article got you thinking about whether you’ll give it a shot or not! If you do end up playing, tell us where you’ll be going. If you don’t, still let us know how you’ll be spending your time!


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