Aug Vol 1 – We’re back, baby!

By Peter Underwood

Did everyone had a good summer? For those of you who flew/drove/walked off to different places, I’m happy to say that the humidity has only really hit Hachinohe in the past week or so. I thought I was coping so well. “I’m getting used to it! Finally!” I thought. Now I’m in a pool of sweat and regret.

Firstly, and most importantly – New JETs, welcome to Aomori! And welcome to GMA! You’ll find a ton of cool and useful info, as well as a lot of fun stuff, and competitions! I will personally come to advertise it every chance I get, so enjoy!

I’m incredibly happy to say that we will have new columnists joining GMA throughout August! A double helping of exciting new writers coming to you to cool down the hottest evenings. This volume, Karyn Lo takes over travel column Off Route, and Kyle Buck adds his keen eye to the Photo Corner team. Welcome you two!

This month, our stellar lineup includes:

Events – I think that without Mel’s hard work listing all our amazing prefecture’s events, we’d all be hermit-like shut-ins with long awful hair and an aversion to the sun. Thanks Mel! – August Events

Off Route – Karyn starts off her stint as travel correspondent by tasting Aomori’s great lakes. Yep. Tasting. – Tasting Another Lake

Photo Corner – Kyle brings waterfalls and hiking right to our door, so we can stay in air-conditioned spaces. He also brings sweet 360 degree photography in The Secret Waterfall

Trivia Trap – The first, and I’m sure not the last, of the Pokemon themed posts stretching out in front of us – Pokemon Puzzlers

Mediabug – Here’s the second one! Taking a balanced look at the recent hype, Robert asks us to consider 5 reasons for, and against, playing Pokemon GO – Not Another Pokémon Go Article

NomNom Tabemono – It’s really hard to type witty article intros with my mouth watering all over the keyboard – Smoothies All Around

Hot Springs Eternal – If your reaction to the sweltering temperatures is “Hey, let’s jump in a hot onsen!”…I was gonna be flippant, but you know, that sounds really amazing – BRB. – After a tough day of moving castles…

Forward All Inquiries – Jackson provides us with a healthy dose of darn good advice, this time focusing on time management and how to not feel bad about watching your 2nd straight season of Ru Paul’s Drag Race while eating peanut butter from the jar. At least, I hope he does. – Pairs – Making time for writing Rhymes (and watching Netflix)

Have fun! And take care in the heat!


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