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Relay Marathon and GMA Photo Contest

By Michael Smith

Photo: Drew Gardner

Early Sunday morning…

Superheroes from all over the prefecture sped toward the 4th Annual Hirosaki Castle Relay Marathon.

Photo: Drew Gardner


Donning their dynamic duds, our daring do-gooders took to the park where their would-be opponents had already gathered en masse.

Photo: Samantha Martin


Photo: Michael Smith

Lap after lap, they plodded along defending truth and justice with every step.

Photo: Alexander Martin

Photo: Alexander Martin?

Their hard work payed off, though, when they won 7th in their category along with the award for best costume!

Photo: Drew Gardner


Photo: Drew Gardner


Photo: Alexander Martin

And now the moment you’ve been waiting for…PHOTO CONTEST!!!!

Going on vacation? Staying in your area? Whatever you’re doing, submit a photo to our Summer Photo Contest! Photos will be judged by the Head Editor and Photo Corner Editors, and the best will win a prize! The rules are:

  • The contest theme is Water!
  • Submit them by August 2nd 2016
  • Email submissions to

That’s it! Can’t wait to see your entries!


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