Nom Nom Tabemono


By Katerina Skarbinec

As you may remember, when I first started writing for this column last year I went on a bit of a rampage about mint chocolate – the scarcity of it, the preciousness with which it is to be hoarded, the enjoyment of it (or was that just in my head?). Recently I’ve been seeing a lot of mint chocolate products appearing in dribs and drabs at convenience stores and supermarkets, like some great Mint Chocolate deity is finally answering my prayers, so today’s article is all about my top mint spots and where to find them.

5 mint chocolate yums to watch:


  1. Starbucks Iced Mocha with Mint

Seen where: Circle K

My first rec is a drink, and I will be completely honest, it’s not one that I’m particularly fond of. However, if you like the rich, heavy coffee flavours in Starbucks mocha frappucinos, this might be right up your alley. The mint flavour is quite subtle, giving it a fresh aftertaste along with all that coffee.


  1. Look Mint Mint

Seen where: Family Mart

This is rapidly becoming a favourite of mine. The cool thing about Look Mint Mint is that like its name hints, there are two kinds of mint chocolate in it – each wrapped individually in gold or blue foil. Mint Blue is fresh and sharp, while Dark Mint in the gold wrapper tastes softer and more chocolatey. Two kinds of yum for the price of one!


  1. Morinaga’s Koeda ChocoMint

Seen where: Lawson

Koeda is brilliant for two reasons. First, in addition to its choco mint flavour, it also has a lot of crunch. Second, the crunchy little sticks come in packs of four and there are eleven of them in one box. The only problem is that they’re so small and moreish, you may end up inhaling an entire box in less than five minutes.


  1. Mint Crunky Ice Cream

Seen where: Mini Stop

This one is already beginning to run out, so snap it up wherever you find it! If you’ve never tried the usual vanilla Crunky ice cream, I recommend searching for that too – unlike Parm (which is delicious but never fails to leave me a little bit disappointed when eating it) the Crunky ice creams have an actual shell of nutty chocolate around the ice ceam. The mint version is on the softer end of the taste scale and why are you still here, just buy it now!!


  1. Mint Dars

Seen where: Lawson

It’s back. It’s back and it’s been long awaited. I can’t wait to make Mint Dars muffins again!  Grab what you can before it vanishes again!

If you get the chance, please try some and see if any tickle your fancy. Mint chocolate is my addiction and I love to get more people on the minty summer bandwagon. As always, see you next time!


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