Trivia Trap

Obscene Abstractions!

This month’s Trivia Trap was won by Zoe Kirkland, who, and this is very exciting, opted for the Mystery Prize! A whole box full of mystery headed your way Zoe!

As always, answers below

By Peter Underwood

It’s too darn hot. As a Brit from the Land of Clouds and Drizzle, I tend to think temperatures like this are obscene. AND TALKING OF OBSCENE (nice segue), this month’s Trivia Trap is about recent events concerning obscenity in Japan. As always, there are prizes to be won!

Here are the two wonderful prizes you can try for:

1)¥1000 Starbucks gift card
2) Mysterious Mystery Box of Mysterious Mystery! Tell us what kind of stuff you’re into, and place your faith in me to deliver a worthy prize. It could be anything–even a ¥1000 Starbucks gift card!

mystery box boat trivia

Make sure the A/C is blasting, and cool your brain down to deal with these teasers:

  1. Recently, artist Megumi Igarashi was arrested and charged with offences relating to Japan’s obscenity laws. She was eventually fined. Which part of the charges did the fine concern?
    1. The fine was specifically for the distribution of the 3D designs used in the kayak’s production
  2. In the most recent trial regarding Japanese pornography, a hentai artist had his fine tripled after doing what?
    1. After he appealed his original charge
  3. Kotobagari is the act of finding new words or euphemisms to avoid insult or offense. What led to the Korean language being called Hangul-go (after its writing system) in NHK language programs?
    1. To avoid offending either North or South Korea by using the specific names they use for the language.

As always, use any means necessary to find the answers to the questions. Send your answers to Answers are due by Friday 17th June! The winner will be announced in the July Vol. 1 issue of Good Morning Aomori.

Do you have any interesting trivia or facts you want to share with the Aomori crowd? If your trivia is chosen, you’re automatically entered into the prize drawing! E-mail us at


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