May Vol 2!

Golden week is now unfortunately over, and as fun as it was, I hope it was good to get back to your schools and your students as well – if only to make them insanely jealous of all the cool things you did while they played sports and did homework.

To tide you over until the next bundle of fun that comes your way, and to maybe level out your sadness, GMA is bringing memories, fun and something to distract you from the thought of being in sunnier, free-timier places.

This month, we have:

A Novel Idea – It is a truth universally acknowledged that a bored JET in possession of free time must be in want of Another 2-for-1: Austenland & Midnight in Austenland

Photo Corner – Relive Golden Week with a collection of photos from JETs across the prefecture, showing scenes from all over the world! – Golden Week!

NomNom Tabemono – Kat brings us recommendations of eateries from her Golden Week travels in Eating Out(side Aomori)

Hot Springs Eternal – David makes me want to lie in an onsen for days, only getting out for meals and sleep in Well Worth a Second Visit

Aomori Spotlight – The time is coming soon for GMA to welcome a new Publishing Manager, and what better way for you to get to know Kat Skarbinec than through the wonders of interview

Techknowledgey – Looking for bluetooth speakers? Check out our handy dandy review (and speaker discussion) in I bought Bluetooth Speakers! (A review of the Anker A3143’s)

Mediabug – Bringing back sounds from Okinawa, Michael D gives us a look at the pop rock style of Cocco

Northern Sweat – Fresh from her success at a 10k this weekend, Sam brings us some motivational and energizing tips to keep your exercising consistent in Excuses, Excuses! Energize and Motivate

Japantics – Beers and weather are good conversation starters world wide in How About That Weather, Eh?



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