I bought Bluetooth Speakers! (A review of the Anker A3143’s)



Speakers are a tough market. For every pair of speakers that come out, there exists hundreds of competitors, so companies tend to differentiate their products by making them smaller, or smaller, or… smaller. All while cranking up the bass to mask the lack of neutrality in sound. Let’s face it, the boomy sound of bass can be very addictive, and when one compares a sonically neutral output to one that has sparkly highs and earth-shattering lows, the latter will almost always give a better impression, despite being objectively inferior at presenting the original intended sound. Unfortunately (for me and people who really want that original source sound), this is the world we live in. We pay a steep price premium for incremental increases in sound quality (= incremental steps towards a truly neutral, unequalized sound).

Wao, that was quite the rant. Or was it foreshadowing? I’m here today to present to you a short review of the Anker Bluetooth Speaker! (Model A3143) By the way, Anker didn’t bother to name these speakers, so you can only call them the Anker premium speakers, or refer to the model, A3143.

Anker is known for portable batteries. They do a great job at making them. Recently, they have been dabbling in the bluetooth speaker market. First, with their Anker Soundcore speakers. They were quite mediocre. BUT, with sound rivalling that of some 20,000+ yen speakers, this 6000 yen “Premium” A3143 speaker is not bad at all. With a bit of equalizing, it blows away everything in its price range.

Here goes!

Lows: 8/10. “Quite impressive” is an understatement. For speakers of this size, this kind of bass is almost never seen. It’s not a perfect score because I personally prefer a more tight bass response, where as the A3143 has more of a boomy flavor to it. Many may like this.

Mids: 6/10. Without equalizing, they’re overpowered by the bass. For the price, they’re certainly not bad, and I can’t recommend anything better for the price, so perhaps I am being harsh with this score.

Highs: 7/10. These speakers don’t have strong trebles, but upon equalizing for it, you might be able to achieve a fairly neutral sound.

Soundstage: N/A. It’s a single speaker, it’s fairly difficult, if not impossible to produce any sort of depth of sound.

Battery life: rated at 10, real world usage gets about 7.

Portability: 9/10. Fairly light, fairly durable feeling

Extras: Comes with 1/8 inch cables to connect to devices that don’t have bluetooth capabilities. How nice!

Conclusion: These would probably be amazing speakers for outdoors where bass gets lost in the wind. At home, the bass sounds a bit overwhelming. At this price though, I am very happy with my purchase.

For a solid review and comparison, check out this video:

clavinetjunkie compares the A3143 to other highly rated bluetooth speakers around its price range. From the Shark Boombox to the TMVEL Masti Pro. Later on in the video, he compares it to even the 20,000 yen Bose Soundlink Mini.

If you’re looking for a budget bluetooth speaker, look no further. This is probably one of the best ones you can buy for the price, as of 2016.


3 thoughts on “I bought Bluetooth Speakers! (A review of the Anker A3143’s)

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  2. The Anker and the Bose are not in the same league. I have both. It’s unfair to compare a $200 speaker to a $50 one but everything about the Anker invites the comparison so here it is: they are not in the same league. The Bose sounds miraculous, there is nothing so small that sounds so good. The Anker doesn’t come close. But for its price it is a great speaker.

    • Hi there. Thanks a lot for your input! Personally I found that the Bose was really boomy and depending on the song being played, I often preferred the sound of the Anker speaker. The Bose is definitely a solid speaker though–maybe my ears just aren’t tuned to the Bose sound.

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