April 2016, Vol. 2

By Peter Underwood

Spring is by now officially here (not that you’d know from the weather, the snow or the amount of students that have Influenza), and we’re all looking forward to Hanami, warmer winds and all the festival food we can stuff our faces with. Similarly, I’m just praying that we get a spring and don’t skip straight to surface-of-the-sun summers – my little British brain just wouldn’t cope.

One thing I can cope with though (great segue, self) is the return of Japantics! The wonderful Lauren DeCosta is going to revive your monthly dose of comedic anecdotes – and so you get to know her a bit better, she’s even interviewed in Aomori Spotlight – what suspiciously good timing!

Find everything you can see in this fab volume below:

Japantics – Carefully Crafted Comic Contains Cephalopod Consumers Crudely Conversing – A Whale of a Tale

Techknowledgey – Studying Sucks? Some Second-Shaving Sanity-Saving Super Slick Solutions – [Intermediate-Advanced Japanese Study] WrongLifts 3×3: A Routine for Linear Study Progression

NomNom Tabemono – Lacking Lunch? Like Leveraging Leftovers? Limb-Lickingly Lovely Luncheons – Saucy Chicken Goodness

Photo Corner – Offering Old Open Outdoor Onsen Only Operating On Oil – Aoni Onsen Retreat

A Novel Idea – Featuring Four Female-Focused Fairytale Far-Future Fantasies – The Lunar Chronicles

Aomori Spotlight – Added April Article Author Asked About Aomori, Arashi And Awesome Activities – Lauren DeCosta

Hot Springs Eternal – Wonderful Words, Wonderful Waters, Wanting Wild Wild West Weekends Wallowing

Northern Sweat – Making Minor Motion Matter – Muscle Moving Minutes Made Magical – Excuses, Excuses! Things you can do in under 15 minutes.

Media Bug (Music): Promoting Pioneering Pizzicato Players – Plus Performers, Percussion, Producing Perfume Pre-Pamyu – Pizzicato Five


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