Photo Corner

Aoni Onsen Retreat

By Ellen Fraser

You may have heard about Aoni before: a rustic onsen tucked away along the mountain stream near Kuroishi, and known for having no electricity.* There are four beautiful baths, of which the rotenburo, complete with giant bucket, is the showstopper by far. The guest house’s polished wooden corridors reflect the soft glow of the oil lamps, and the sound of rushing water coming from the springs outside creates the perfect level of calm.  Just don’t be alarmed if you blow your nose the next day and get a nice soot-coloured surprise.  Dinner and breakfast are included if you choose to stay the night, which consist of kaiseki using local produce.  It’s well worth staying so you can go for a late-night soak in the outdoor bath!

*The computer on the front desk spoiled the image for me somewhat, but I was slightly relieved that they bent the rules further to include heated toilet seats in the bathrooms…


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