A Whale of a Tale

By Ellen Fraser

Column Editor: Lauren DeCosta

Hello, hello, all you lovely people in Aomori-land! Thanks to GMA’s wonderful new editor in chief and his powers of persuasion, from here on I will be reviving the Japantics column as the new column editor. Which means I’ll be bringing you stories about all of the crazy things that I experience in Japan, as well as collecting stories from any of YOU who wants to share your wacky adventures (because let’s be real, we all have way too many crazy/funny stories to share).

So, for the first entry I thought we’d kick things off with a bit of pizzazz, courtesy of the talented Ellen Fraser, who drew this sweet comic of a time she and I went to one of the many local squid festivals. She reminds us all that sometimes things just don’t go as planned, but life here is always interesting.

*This comic is based on personal experiences. As such, it should not be used to make generalizations about all Japanese people.


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