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Restaurant Review: Ali Baba

By Mina Kim

Far down the 45号線, I discovered a delicious Pakistani restaurant. Ali Baba has been enjoying attention since last year for it’s authentic taste and amazing price. If you’re a fan of Pakistani food or Indian curry, it is a must try.

I decided to give it a try because it was the nearest restaurant while I was waiting to sell clothes at Second Street in Hachinohe. The interior is very clean and warm, with Bollywood music helping create a perfect atmosphere. Sitting on the table was a single lunch menu featuring four choices. We did eventually find the full menu, and ordering from it was no problem. IMG_5555

The lunch options consisted of butter chicken (it’s more tomato-y than regular chicken curry), chicken curry, vegetable curry, and Daal (lentil). With one curry, you get rice or naan, chicken tikka, and salad. For 800 yen, I thought the portions were more than generous. You also get to choose a drink, with your options being Chai, coffee, or mango lassi. Mango lassi isn’t on the menu but it is an option! MANGO LASSI 4 LYFE.

We ordered butter chicken and daal. I know a lot of people don’t usually go for lentil curry but the daal here was great. You could really taste (and see) the roasted cumin seeds and fresh ginger. I was definitely impressed; I ate more of my friend’s food than she did.  All the food tasted great, and I don’t mean it tasted great compared to the bland miso soup you get everyday for school lunch. The food was effin’ tasty. Also, the brown fried stuff? It’s pakoras. Imagine onion slices–battered, deep fried, then made into a little patty. A fried onion burger.* It was so good.
*meatless and usually not in patty form.

The guy whom I assume owns the place kept coming by to refill our waters. I don’t know about anyone else, but I’m shocked/impressed/confused if I don’t have to ask for a refill. I had a great experience here and I can’t wait to go again.

Good for parties of 2-4. Max capacity is probably 20.
Not good for drinking.
Price range: Lunch 800+
Dinner 1000+

Location: Next to Second Street on the 45 towards Hashikami. Like literally.
Address: 青森県八戸市大字新田字寺沢18-3城ビル1F

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