April 2016, Vol. 1: Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

Just as our schools have their graduation and closing ceremonies, sending students and teachers off to new experiences and lives, we at Good Morning Aomori must also occasionally say goodbye to those moving on to bigger and better things.

Amanda Marcroft, Head Editor and Article-Chaser-in-Chief, has stepped down to pursue new and exciting experiences, like having free time and going home to the US. GMA has evolved extensively under her watchful gaze, and I hope she can enjoy visiting the site in the future. Taking over from her will be, err, me – Peter Underwood. I’m incredibly, stupidly excited to help run GMA for you all, and I hope to see more of you writing for us in the future!

Sadly, Amanda isn’t the only GMA personality we’re losing this issue. Jackson Pietsch, who presided over the ever-fascinating column Voracious Vernacular, will be handing his duties over after this issue. VV got me interested in so many wonderful aspects of the Japanese language (including the amazing phrase “Don’t feed your wife autumn eggplants”), and was great fun to read. However, it isn’t over! Jackson is handing over the column to the wonderful Alexander Martin, who will be bringing his own excellent brand of Japanese cogitations to GMA starting in May.

As is the rule with this time of year, over the next couple of months GMA is going to see many staff and column changes. Such is the way of our jobs as ALTs, but it means awesome opportunities for you, dear readers! If you want to write a column for GMA let us know! If you have an idea for a column, excellent! If you’d like some inspiration, there are always columns on standby, waiting for a loving hand to resuscitate them. If you want more info, and are even slightly interested, email us at!

With that out the way, it’s time to look at our April Vol. 1 Spectacular!

Events – All Aomori’s Absolutely Amazing Attractions ‘Appening Around April

Photo Corner – Ellen’s Epic Epistle Extolling Excellent Earth Environment Exposures – Iwate in 3 Days

Mediabug – Melancholy Media Meets Mediabug Moderation Mentioning Mindful Media Maturity – Boku dake ga inai machi: An anime worth the watch!

Wordslingin’ – Sam Structures Social Story Segments So Scribes Share Stunning Soliloquys – Mix’n’Match Stories: The Rules

NomNom Tabemono – Food For Folks Fancying Fragrant Fodder For Following Freeway Forty Five – Restaurant Review: Ali Baba

Trivia Trap – Three Tests To Take Top Treasure. The Topic? Trivial Tree Truths – Sakura Sleuthing

Voracious Vernacular – What Weird Wood Words Will Wow Wholly Without Warning? – Weird Words: Sakura Edition


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