What’s your genre? The WINNER is…

[Usually Wordslingin’ is published in the first volume of every month – but we’ve had so many people asking to know who the winner of Sam’s excellent contest was that I’ve decided to bring the reveal forward a little bit. For all your Wordsinglin’ fans, don’t worry! There’ll still be a fresh new article in the next volume! So without further ado… – Ed]



One voter’s feedback for Anon Author 1 reads thusly:
“In a good way, reading this story gave me an uneasy feeling. I especially loved that the writer didn’t use names throughout the story and I really appreciated the lack of “he said” and “she said” throughout the dialogue. The writer’s use of imagery was spot on for I was able to visually paint images of the story in my head as I read along. This was the only story that did this for me. The writer’s use of similes were used sparingly which added to the greatness of how the story was well written. Due to the story’s vagueness, it left a lot of questions in my head which lead me wanting to know more of the story. I hate, hate, HATE that this author is anonymous because I would really love to tell this person how much I enjoyed their ending to the short story.”

Thank you so much to everyone who submitted story endings for our 50th issue Wordslingin’ contest. Mystery writer of the winning story, whoever you may be— GMA will be sending you a confirmation email that you’ve won a 1000円 gift card to Starbucks OR Tsutaya. Shoot us an email back as soon as you can to let us know which one you would prefer!!

Everyone who submitted story endings: if you would like to hear the anonymous feedback that readers wrote for your story endings, please contact me! I’ll tell you all of the wonderful things people said about your writing! Thank you again for giving us such a big wealth of creativity to choose from for the GMA 50th issue. I hope you all submit stuff in the future, and even though it’s cheesy I have to say it: if I could’ve voted for all of you then I would have ❤ –Sam Martin


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