Why Your Next Computer Should Have a Solid-State Drive

By Daven Lu

How many hours a week do you spend on your computer? How many minutes or even hours in a year do you accumulate by sitting there waiting for things to load?

Unlike a traditional hard drive, a solid state drive has no moving parts. Solid state drives are known to be at least 500% faster than hard drives (which use magnetic read heads and spinning discs to access data), with access times 1/100th of what they are in traditional drives. For a one-time investment with your next computer purchase, you can get years of extremely quick load times (booting up windows, opening programs, shutting down, overall system snappiness) by choosing the route of the SSD (solid state drive).

– much faster than traditional hard drives
– more durable (no moving parts)
– longer lifespan
– completely silent
– uses less energy

– no warning signs if a SSD is about to die (traditional drives can suddenly die as well, but usually you hear scratching noises or get awful speeds or read errors as it slowly deteriorates)
– higher cost/gb

As of this writing (and in my opinion), the stars of the SSD world are, from best to worst:
Samsung 850 Pro
Samsung 840 Pro
Samsung 850 Evo
Samsung 840 Evo

The best (bang/buck) budget drive is the Kingston SSDNow V300 Series.

Once you go SSD, you can’t go HDD.


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