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Plum Blossoms at Kameido Tenjin

By Ellen Fraser

Cherry blossoms are so mainstream.  So in-your-face and obnoxiously pink.  Have you seen those plum blossoms though?  They’re like the cool indie little sister I never had, but in flower form.  Why does no one rave about these underrated beauties like they do with sakura?  I personally think their soft rounded petals and individual buds are totally rad.  Unfortunately for you though, the blooming season is pretty much over, as it lasts from February to early March.  I took some pictures for you so you can enjoy them next year though.

Kameido Tenjin (亀戸天神社)is a shrine tucked away from the busy crowds in Tokyo, built in a garden of glimmering ponds and neat wooden trellises, which are dripping with purple wisteria come late April.  Aside from the blossoms themselves, the highlight was definitely the hoards of terrapins climbing all over each other to compete for the sunny spot on the rock.  It was fitting, considering the kame in Kameido means ‘turtle’ in Japanese.

If you missed out seeing some plum blossoms this winter, definitely check them out next year to get a little taste of spring.  Apparently this shrine is most famous for its wisteria festival, which will be in its prime during Golden Week, so the timing is perfect if you’re thinking about heading to Tokyo for the holidays.



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