March 2016, Vol. 2: Letter From the Editor

Happy Anniversary to us! (again!)

Yep, we are still celebrating our 50th issue, this time with Volume 2 (hey, Disneyland celebrated their Golden Anniversary for three years, I’m just asking for more cake). We have yet more fun anniversary-related content for you in this installment of GMA along with a couple exciting announcements!

First off, we’re pleased to announce David Applebaum is joining our crew with his brand new column all about onsen, Hot Springs Eternal! If you too feel bitten by the writing bug, email us at to talk about starting a new column, contributing to a current column, or rebooting an old column! We’d love to have you!

Additionally, I’m sad to say this will be my last edition of GMA as Editor-in-Chief but I am very excited to leave our fine publication in the capable hands of Peter Underwood! I’m excited to see the great things he’ll do with it! Publishing GMA has fulfilled a childhood dream of mine and I’m so grateful to everyone who puts so much effort into making our publication excellent every issue. Here’s to another 50 issues!

–Amanda Lynn Marcroft

In this issue we have:

Hot Springs Eternal – David’s starting us off strong with one of Aomori’s most famous onsen in Start at the Beginning

Aomori Spotlight – Peter’s rounded up the entire GMA crew for some quirky interviews in GMA Spotlight

Photo Corner – Ellen hopped down to Tokyo to bring us beautiful pic of the Plum Blossoms at Kameido Tenjin

TechKnowledgey – Don’t know what to look for in your next computer? Daven’s got a great rec in the aptly named Why Your Next Computer Should Have a Solid-State Drive

NomNom Tabemono – Kat’s gives us an inside look on Japan’s favorite alcohol with Sake – The Making of, Bonus Features, and Production Commentary

A Novel Idea – The challenge is over! Check out the great book reviews Rebecca has gathered in Twitter-Length Community Reviews

Northern Sweat – Sam’s got a new challenge for us all in Excuses, Excuses! Pt.1 –NO TIME

MediaBug – Michael brings us an Aomori-favorite singer, Ishikawa Sayuri

AJET Take-Away – AJET elections are open now! Check out the platforms in Aomori AJET Executive Council 2016-2017


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