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Aomori AJET Executive Council 2016-2017

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Thanks again for a great 2015-2016 year, Aomori community ❤


This year is a weird one: we only had one candidate apply for each council position!

We weren’t really sure how to handle this. In the past, AJET elections have contained at least a couple candidates for one or more of the open executive council positions. The last thing we want is for you to feel like you have no say in the new Aomori AJET!


If I were you, I’d be like Dodger right now too. Don’t worry, but still care ❤

What we want you to know, as part of the Aomori community, is that we still want to hear your voice, even if your voice doesn’t decide who is on the council this year.

Aomori AJET’s Charter has no guidelines for what to do when there isn’t more than one candidate for a position. That’s why this year’s “election” isn’t truly an election. It’s more like an interest survey, after you read what each candidate REALLY wanted to say to you!

Below are the platforms and photos submitted for each candidate, along with a link to the interest form. Please have your JET ID number ready to use on the form!



Samantha Martin, Mutsu

My name is Samantha Martin, and I am a 3rd year ALT in Mutsu City, up on the Shimokita Peninsula. I’ve been a Regional Representative in Shimokita since 2014, and I was lucky enough to be chosen as Aomori AJET president for the 2015-2016 year. I kept the AJET tradition of creating events for all kinds of JETs: whether you drink or not; whether you’re on the east or west side or north side of the prefecture; whether you like nighttime events or daytime hangouts; this last year had it all. In 2015-2016, we created the Aomori AJET Charter, a document that outlined what AJET represents so that our organization is presented clearly to the public. I also helped plan and implement the first ever Shimokita AJET event, a hike from Osorezan last summer, so that everyone could see a little bit of my backyard.

If elected, I’d love to plan a better hiking excursion this next year, hopefully in Yagen Valley. I would also like to revamp Aomori AJET with an entirely new website, and clean up our social media presence to streamline updates a bit more frequently and less intrusively. Ideally, I’m hoping that we can provide you with an even more connected way to see updates from Aomori AJET, whether you’re on Facebook, Twitter, or even Instagram. I plan on continuing to go above-and-beyond at each and every event, just like I’ve shown you this past year… and I can definitely say that the pumpkin pie jello shots y’all raved about at last year’s Welcome Party will be making a comeback if you elect me for 2016-2017 😉



Mina Kim, Gonohe

Hi guys, my name is Mina, I live in Gonohe and have already served one year as Vice President of Aomori AJET. Last year on AJET, I made sure that every event was the way I would enjoy it. If it was boring to me, we’d switch it up. If I didn’t like the food, I figured you wouldn’t like it! I basically used my genuine love for a good time in order to help create the events you couldn’t get enough of.

I’m flexible and creative. I came up with the menu switch to save y’all money for the Welcome Cabin Party, and cooked it all up myself for you. Vegetarians and vegans are always in the back of my mind when I talk to venues, because how shitty would it be not to get to eat at an event?? I feel you. When I wrote the Aomori AJET charter with the team last year, I explained that my position is basically contacting venues— but it’s so much more! I’m the perfect balance of support role and vocal spokesperson. You can trust me to plan stuff that I would go to, and therefore I know you’ll go to AND LOVE. You can trust me to keep it affordable, classy, and enjoyable, just like I did last year.



Peter Underwood, Hachinohe

We are incredibly lucky. I probably speak for a lot of you when I say that AJET has done a heck of a lot to make Aomori Prefecture a welcoming, happy and exciting place to be. It really has made me, and I’m sure many of you, feel part of a big, happy community. 
That, in short, is why I’m running for treasurer – I want to be part of the team that continues making Aomori feel like family, both for veteran JETs and for new JETS coming this year.
Money-related duties have been in almost all of my pre-JET jobs – from the (usually) small amounts taken in fines in my local library, to larger local government budgets. Regardless of the size of the purse, I’ve needed an attention to detail, good communication skills and the tenacity to keep going until every penny is accounted for. I know Excel like the back of my hand (having both used it and trained others to use it), and having done a Master’s degree long-distance shows that I am self-motivated and can work to strict deadlines. In addition, I love working with a focus on building community – I feel that is shown by, among other things, my 6 years in local radio, public and private volunteer English tuition, and helping to run community choirs and orchestras back in my hometown. 
After going to many AJET Events, and being a part of a couple (Murder Mystery, Quiz Night), I’ve seen the work and dedication that goes into every fun happening that AJET create for us. If I’m elected treasurer, I will help to continue this into next year, making sure that everyone gets another year of fantastic events. I want to help Aomori be a place that people enjoy living in, a community people get involved with, and a placement that people long to receive.

Follow this link to tell 2016-2017 Aomori AJET’s Executive Council what you’re interested in for this upcoming year!!


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