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Memories of Aomori

To celebrate GMA’s special 50th issue, we asked you to send in a photo or two that you took in Aomori and tell us why it’s special to you. Thank you everyone for your contributions! We hope you enjoy the stories of these photos cherished by our JETs, and a little more evidence that Aomori’s outstanding beauty reigns supreme.


“This photo is special to me because it was an awesome time with my friends, Joseph and Adam, at Hotokegaura.  It was fun even though I got in trouble for jumping in the ocean.” – Jared Oliva


“This last year in Hachinohe, we went to the Sansha Taisai. We got to see almost all the floats go by before we headed back to our car. Right as Alexander and I stopped to get our picture taken, the rain started coming down. We could see it coming from behind the cameraman, a sheet of rain just covering downtown. It was such a good festival, it was like the rain waited for it to end before it got there.” – Samantha Martin


“So this picture was of my first solo conversation with someone from Mutsu City who wasn’t a coworker. I was really nervous, given that I’d only been in Mutsu a month and it was my first real festival experience. Instead of wimping out like I initially wanted to, I drank chardonnay from a can while we lifted mini shrines through downtown and ended up having a great tipsy, sweaty, hilarious time! It taught me to say yes to new stuff, even if I’m nervous. Also, the guy I was talking to was a huge bro–hence my facial expression ;)” – Samantha Martin


“One of the most wonderful things about the inaka is its captivating view.” – Maria Reyes


“While waiting for my chance to play, I decided to frame a shot and take it. Aki matsuri was the first time I ever played taiko on a float during a festival, so it was truly a memorable experience. This photo is also special in another way: it won an honourable mention in the Towada City photo contest and is being displayed in the local library along with the other winners.” – Mike S


“Capturing a wonderful day and a moment full of love. After performing in a local Enburi festival, I had to visit my favorite local Thai restaurant and Thai family.” – Alyssa Walker

“Lake Towada and the Oirase Gorge being connected is incredibly convenient to see two of Aomori’s most beautiful places.” – Tyler Garcia

Tyler Garcia


1/4 “The wintery-looking one and the ocean were both taken at はまなす公園, which is my go-to place when I’m upset/annoyed/stressed/just need to chill the fuck out. Since I’m from a place near the ocean, I just generally love the sea, and going to the beach or looking out over the water usually helps put me in a good mood.”


2/4 “This one was taken somewhere in Noheji when I was going to visit the Martins and fucked up my train transferring and had three hours to kill waiting for the next train. I just walked around and looked at stuff while I waited, and it was a good reminder that sometimes things don’t work out how you planned them, but that doesn’t mean things have to be bad. “


3/4 “This one was taken in Tsuruta when I went to the candle night/starry sky event. I messed up then too and forgot to select direction by foot when I looked up how to get there, so I ended up walking and hour from the station to the park the event was held at, and then an hour back. But I did it, and I did it on my own, not letting the fact that I was still pretty new here and didn’t really know anybody stop me from getting out and doing what I wanted. Because what’s the point in living if you don’t live the way you want to, and live your life to the fullest, right?”


4/4 “And they all just show how beautiful Aomori is.” – Lauren DeCosta


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