March 2016 Events

Compiled by Mel Tee

With the school/business year drawing to a close, March is a relatively quiet month. That said, there are still some fun events to check out.

Our top picks are listed in bold (links lead to English sites where possible).

March 5 – All Around 90’s +middle&mellow @ Hirosaki City
March 5 – Kamafuseyama Ski Carnival @ Mutsu City
March 5-6 – Fujisaki Town Culture Association Festival @ Fujisaki Town
March 6 – Nanbu Traditional Performing Arts Performance @ Hashikami Town
March 6 – “Shimokatsu” Club Activities Presentation @ Mutsu City
March 6 – Winter Festival in Moya Hills @ Aomori City
March 12 – New Sake Drinking Party @ Ajigasawa Town
March 13 – Misawa Surf Clam Festival @ Misawa City
March 10-15 – AJET Elections @ The Internet
March 13 – Pray for the Earth (3/11 Charity Event) @ Towada City
March 19-20 – Towada Cherry Blossom Horseback Archery Exhibit & Wooden Horse Rapid Fire Exhibition Contest @ Hachinohe City
March 20 – Fukuura Kabuki Performance@ Sai Village
March 20 – Swingberry Jazz Orchestra Concert @ Hachinohe City
March 25-30 – Mutsu Science Museum Free Admission Days @ Mutsu City
March 26-30 – Hokkaido Shinkansen Opening Events @ Aomori City

December 1-March 31 – Tsugaru Stove Train @ Tsugaru Area (most people get on at Goshogawara)
February 27-March 21 – Yogoshiyama Orchid Festival @ Hiranai Town

On the Horizon
Mid-April – EofA Talks @ Hachinohe City
Late April – Cherry blossom festivals galore! @ A Location Near You
(See or Weather Map for cherry blossom blooming forecasts)

Did we forget an event? Write the wrong day? Need help translating event info into English?
E-mail us at


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