By Michael Diana

As those of you who know me (both of you) know, I sometimes watch anime. Yes, sometimes, that is what I do. I mention this today because I have chosen for all of you a group that is mostly known for its anime themes. Anime songs range in quality from the truly terrible to the pretty great, even iconic! There’s nothing embarrassing about liking certain anime songs. Be embarrassed about liking the bad ones though.


Wakana (soprano)
Keiko (alto)
Hikaru (soprano)
Debut: 2008/1/23, “Oblivious”

Kalafina are a vocal group best known for their anime tie-ins. They were originally conceived as a rotating group without a set lineup, having different people participate with each release. This system didn’t last because for whatever reason the company decided, “We like these girls, let’s just always use them???” And so Wakana, Keiko, and Hikaru became the permanent members after the first couple of singles. Kalafina is produced by Kajiura Yuki, and Keiko and Wakana were recruited to join from another one of Kajiura Yuki’s groups, Fiction Junction, of which they are both still members. Hikaru was selected out of thousands in an audition held by Sony Music Japan.

All three members possess impressive vocals, but each one brings something unique to the group. Keiko has a deep, expressive alto that can add intensity and “mood” to their songs. Hikaru has a versatile voice that is capable of both heaviness and lightness and really sets the tone for a number of their songs. Wakana has perhaps the most typically beautiful voice, clear and bright, which brings a touch of the ethereal when she sings. By their powers combined, they are Kalafina, beloved by otaku everywhere. Some of their best known work comes from anime like Madoka Magica, the Fate series, and Aldonoah.Zero.



“heavenly blue”

“love come down”

“Kimi ga Hikari ni Kaeteiku”


2 thoughts on “Kalafina

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  2. This article caught my eye because it just so happens that Kalafina is performing in Tokyo for golden week. (April 29)

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