February 2016, Vol. 2

Good Morning Aomori!

We hope you’re enjoying the unseasonably warm weather (sorry to you snow lovers out there). Snow might not be in the air but love sure is and we hope you all enjoyed your toasty Valentine’s Day. And what better way to celebrate your post-chocolate haze than with GMA!

In this issue we have: A Novel Idea — Rebecca brings us a double review in Double the Fun – Fangirl & Carry On

Northern Sweat — Sam’s got some important advice to you fitness fiends in Take a Break Before You Break!

Aomori Spotlight — Peter snags a well known figure in our JET community to get to know a little better, Alyssa Walker

Photo Corner — Ellen’s got some lovely photos to remind us what snow looks like in Winter Magic in Towada

MediaBug — Michael’s got another awesome band for you to check out, Kalafina

TechKnowledgey — Daven continues to make us droll over headphones with The Bose QuietComfort® 25

NomNom Tabemono — Kat’s got a cute cafe for you in A Place to Perch: Restaurant Review


And don’t forget to enter into last issue’s Wordslingin competition! Entry closes February 25th!


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