Photo Corner

Snows and Cons

Compiled by Ellen Fraser & Michael Smith

Just in case you weren’t sick of seeing snow yet, we’ve come up with a few reasons why snow is, like, the best thing ever.  There aren’t actually any cons, so apologies for the misleading title.

  1. SNOWSPORTS!  Not for everyone, which is why rental is a handy thing. As you drag your bruised behind back to the car and decide you never want to slide down a mountain again, you can take comfort in the knowledge that you don’t have to.
  2. BLIZZARDS!  There’s nothing more thrilling than not knowing where your road might take you.  As long as it’s not into the back of a kei truck.
  3. GOALS! More time inside means more time to work on those hobbies.  How about breaking the record for longest amount of uninterrupted time spent under a kotatsu?

    “Finish a snowboarding session with my Reeses unsquished” goal


    Snuggle marathon goals

  4. PRETTY LIGHTS!  So magical.  Hirosaki’s snow lantern festival is pretty good.  Due to warmer-than-average temperatures last year, the festival took on something of a House of Wax vibe.


Before you know it, the snow is gone and the fun is over for another year.

ATTENTION!  Photo Corner needs your help to celebrate the 50th issue of Good Morning Aomori!  We’d like you to send in a photo you have taken in Aomori that has some particular significance to you, or else simply a photo that you’re proud of.  Please send all submissions to or in a Facebook message to Ellen, making sure to include a short description of why the subject is important to you/why you like it.


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