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Restaurant Review: KAZU

By Mina Kim

Hidden somewhere in the alleys of downtown Hachinohe, KAZU is a superb restaurant that’ll feed your need for ajillos, pizzas, pastas, and in my case, lamb chops. The restaurant can be tricky to find as it is not visible from the street, but honestly, that makes the trip and location all the more exciting. KAZU is located in the center of Iwaizumicho(岩泉町) on Muikamachi (六日町)street. Heading head down the street away from Sakurano, you will eventually see a sign that says KAZU on the sidewalk. Go down the alleyway until you reach a small restaurant. You can’t miss it; there’s only one.



All of their appetizers and entrees are handwritten on blackboards in the restaurant. This is fine if you can read Japanese, but for those who do not, it might be a challenge to learn your options. However, if you’re one of those who order the same thing anywhere you go, they seem to specialize in Italian dishes plus a few others: margherita or four-cheese pizzas, carbonara or peperoncino, mixed seafood or mushroom ajillos, and so on.

I ordered mushroom ajillo(キノコのアヒージョ), 15-grain bread (15こくパン), and lamb chops (ひつじ). The food was fantastic. The lamb was a nice portion and the ajillo had great flavor. The bill overall came out to be about 3000 yen. It’s not a cheap meal, but perhaps you can treat yourself on your next payday if you are around the SPK area or in town visiting. It will definitely be worth your time.

Pro: Delicious, great atmosphere

Con: Pricey, handwritten menu

KAZU restaurant




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