December 2015, Vol. 2

Happy winter break Aomori!

(we know your priorities)

We’re halfway through December and I’m sure you can feel it in your bones. That persistent feeling of almost almost almost. Almost vacation time! Whatever your awesome plans are, whether it’s jetting off for some holiday fun or sticking around for some KFC and discount cake, we at GMA wish you the happiest of winter breaks.

We’re also excited to announce that we too will be taking a vacation. Whee! GMA will be taking January off, but never fear; we’ll see you bright and early on February 1st next year. Before we leave, Santa-san has brought us a present: new column editor Daven Lu and his brand new tech column TechKnowledgey. Check it out below!

In this issue we have:

TechKnowledgey – Daven breaks out his inaugural article with everything you need to know in An Introduction to Headphones

MediaBug – Michael’s got a sweet new band from the tip top of Japan for us with Galileo Galilei

Aomori Spotlight – Peter catches up with Sabra Keller

Photo Corner – Ellen rounds up pics from the regional Thanksgiving parties in An Aomorian Thanksgiving

Northern Sweat – Sam follows up on her backbend challenge in MAKE ME DO STUFF: Oh Dear

NomNom Tabemono – Kat brings us a great Aomori restaurant recommendation in FISH or MEAT?

A Novel Idea – Rebecca has the perfect Christmas book recommendation with Pride and Prejudice


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