By Sam Martin

So now that we’re past November, how do you feel? Did you meet your word count goal? Did you complete a story?


Woah, just tell me you don’t wanna talk about it! That carrot cake was for all of us, Bill.

Whether you are a winner or not, you should be proud you wrote consistently for the time that you did this month. It’s hard to find the time to tell a story, what with life getting in the way. But you did it. You did the thing, so now you have the freedom to do so much!! You can…

1. sleep on your novel


the “I don’t want to edit this until I’ve Rip Van Winkle’d myself into forgetting it all” method

2. jump right into editing/revising your novel


the “I can’t give this up until it’s semi-readable because what if I lose my inspiration” method

3. start a new project because why the hell not?



the “I’m riding a high and I have so many ideas” method

4. finish up this novel


the “shit happens” method, judgment-free

You should be very proud, no matter what method you choose to employ, and you have earned a rest no matter how far you got in the NaNo challenge. Whether you exceeded, met, or just missed the word count, every word you did write was one you didn’t have written before. And that’s amazing. Congrats, WriMos: November is over!!


Fireworks? Just for me? Oh, Leo. You really shouldn’t have.

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One thought on “NaNoWriMo 2015: YOU DID THE THING!

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