Japan and Star Wars: What You Need to Know!!

By Robert Kondo

Has the force awoken in you yet? If not, there is still time! So much has happened since my last article: Japanese fans received their own trailer with never-before-seen clips, a terminally ill fan was granted his dying wish to see the movie, and rumors grew to a fever pitch all over the Internet.

If you haven’t read my first article, click here and come rushing back. Today we’ll be covering the Japanese trailer, strategies for optimizing your upcoming viewing experience at the theater, and a few speculations surrounding the NFL “final” trailer. Ready your power converters (that’s a reference), board your space vessels (less of a reference), and let’s jump into hyperspace (ok, no more references)!

Japan, or The Chosen Few:

Star Wars - The Force Awakens Trailer - Japanese Version

Audiences in Japan were treated to YET ANOTHER trailer DESPITE the fact that the October trailer was supposed to be the FINAL installment (me ->(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻). Countless 30-second TV spots sprouted up this month as well, making many fans very happy while reaffirming Lucas Films/Disney’s position as a marketing powerhouse. But why Japan?

With Japan trailing third behind the U.S. and China in box office revenue stats, the trailer is a friendly nod to international audiences (specifically in Japan).  For us current Japan residents who love going to the movies, it’s a small affirmation that we can expect the company of fellow Star Wars fans when we make our way to the theater.

Reservations You Must Make, Tickets You Must Have

If you’re planning on going the day or weekend the film comes out, Japan released a nationwide reservation page for every Aeon Cinema that’s screening Star Wars on the box office weekend! On the other hand, if you’re like myself and would rather avoid the crowds, I recommend waiting until the end of the holiday season.

For those who know they’ll be in Tokyo sometime after the Star Wars release date–I know I will–and want more than just the average viewing experience, I recommend going to the Toho Theater in Shinjuku. You’ll find theaters equipped with IMAX (gasp!), IMAX 3D (it’s like I’m there!), Dolby Atmos (did you hear that?), and the new MX 4D (make sure not to eat before the movie).

#StarWarsJacketSpeculation (Spoilers Ahoy!)


Back when trailers were just ways of introducing characters (with Captain Obvious/Spoiler reading from a script), there wasn’t much need for guessing what a movie might be about.

Since then, directors and trailer editors have worked together to generate as much mystery as possible behind the characters and plot, with Star Wars being no exception. Who’s the villain? Why does she have a bionic arm? Does the dog get a bone (none of this is related to Star Wars)?

Some fans have gone so far as to break down trailers second by second, piecing together clues from published sources while adding their own opinions to create wild and almost believable speculations. One major plot twist fans have theorized over is the possible death of a beloved character. Let`s check out how some fans dissect the trailers with this YouTube video by Mr Sunday Movies:

Pretty cool stuff, right? However, these speculations have a 50 percent chance of being correct (you’re either right or wrong, pal). Unless footage or a script leak, not much can be said about how paths cross and who might actually die (if anyone does indeed die). You have to admit though, it’s fun to guess and speculate sometimes (#starwarsjacketspeculation).

I hope this article has awoken something in you. Stay fancy and may the Force be with you always! *⁂((✪⥎✪))⁂*

Want to take a quiz to see how awaken you are? Of course you do! Buzzfeed Quiz.

Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens will be screening at participating theaters Friday, December 18th

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