November 2015, Vol. 2

Hello Aomori!

We hope you’ve been enjoying the autumn weather, it’s perfect for our favorite time of year…kotatsu season! Also perfect for kotatsu season is this issue of GMA which is chalk full of great articles! In addition to our many lovely regular columns we’re delighted to announce that our very own Sam Martin is reviving our fitness column Northern Sweat! Check it out below!

In this issue we have…

AJET Take-Away–in case you haven’t seen it yet AJET will again be holding their AJET SDC Pub Trivia Challenge

Northern Sweat–Sam revives our hard-to-hold-down fitness column and has a challenge for you all in Make Me Do Stuff!

A Novel Idea–Rebecca finishes up her Tamora Pierce Series with Part 5, Beka Cooper/Provost’s Dog

Photo Corner–Did you miss this year’s kouyou? Check out some beautiful photos Ellen rounded up for us in Hirosaki Chrysanthemums

NomNom Tabemono–Kat has a tasty restaurant recommendation for us in Cuore

MediaBug–Looking to expand your music knowledge? Michael’s here to teach you all about Kimura Kaela

Wordslingin’–Keep on writing, writers! Sam’s here to motivate you with NaNoWriMo 2015: HALFWAY THERE

Aomori Spotlight–Peter tracks down another new JET to interview with Shikisha Cowan


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