Photo Corner

Hirosaki Chrysanthemums

By Ellen Fraser

And just like that, the vibrant leaves of red and gold have faded to brown as they die a slow, mushy death on roadsides and gaijin traps alike.  The beauty of Aomori’s changing seasons is fleeting, so enjoy it while you can!  For those seeking seasonal delights of the highest standard, Hirosaki park is one of the best spots in Aomori.  If you only make it out to the city twice a year, be sure to come to the castle for a blissful stroll among the sakura and kouyou. I headed to the annual chrysanthemum festival a few weeks ago to check out some pretty leaves and cute-verging-on-creepy topiary. Not even the drizzle could dampen my mood.


DSC02536 DSC02534 DSC02533 DSC02532 DSC02524 DSC02518 DSC02516 DSC02513 DSC02508 DSC02504 DSC02503 DSC02502 DSC02500 DSC02498 DSC02496 DSC02494 DSC02550 DSC02543

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