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AJET’s SDC Pub Trivia Challenge

Hey ALTs! (sorry CIRs)

It’s time for our annual ken-wide meetup this week, and we’re excited to see you all there! As usual, in between grueling days of bettering English education in Japan, your lovely AJET team will be offering up some relaxing fun… by exposing how much you don’t know! Think we’re wrong? Come prove your stuff at our Pub Trivia Challenge on Thursday night.


WHO: You! And invite your JTE if you’ve got one in attendance!

WHEN: Thursday, November 19th. Doors open @ 6pm, Trivia starts sharply @ 7pm.

WHERE: Pent House in Aomori City

HOW MUCH: 2,000 yen will get you admission, food, and 1 drink ticket. An extra 1,500 will get you nomihoudai.

Want more information? Look out for flyers at SDC or ask us directly at AomoriAJET@gmail.com.

Or check out the event on Facebook.

Stay smart Aomori!

One thought on “AJET’s SDC Pub Trivia Challenge

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