November 2015, Vol. 1

Happy November everyone!

What’s that you say? It’s still October? In fact, it’s not even October 31st yet?


We’re so pleased you noticed! We just couldn’t resist getting a little more Halloween in before it’s gone; we’re sure you kind-hearted candy-lovers will understand. And because of all our excitement we have a MASSIVE issue for you this month with articles highlighting the best of two beloved months. BUT THAT’S NOT ALL! We’re also incredibly happy to announce the revival of the MediaBug (Film) column with new column editor Robert Kondo! We’re looking forward to great things from him and his first column doesn’t disappoint! Read on below to check it out!

In this issue we have:

Events–Mel’s rounded up some cool things for you to do this month in November Events

MediaBug–Robert makes his debut in film writing with In A Galaxy Not So Far Far Away…

Trivia Trap–Peter’s got another quiz for you in Jesus in Japan

Voracious Vernacular–Jackson teaches us some Halloween-themed Japanese just in time for the big day in Nihonghostly

Wordslingin’–Are you ready writers? Sam’s here to make you get those words down in NaNoWriMo 2015: Why do we DO this?

Photo Corner–Ellen’s got lovely picture for us as always in Gonohe Music Festival & Competition Results

NomNom Tabemono–Mina’s got another delicious autumnal recipe for us in Winter is Coming: Vietnamese Pho

Special Feature–Guest writter Jackson Hale brings us some fun and scary life predictions in Halloween HorrorScopes



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