Voracious Vernacular


By Jackson Pietsch

You don’t need me to tell you it’s deep into October now. You know what October’s about? Scary stuff (and my dad’s birthday–Hi Dad!). Here are a few tools for your Japanese Halloween starter kit (feel free to ask if you have any other questions).

驚かす [odorokasu, v.] = to surprise or frighten

怖い [kowai, adj.] = scary

ホラー [horaa, n.] =  horror

[shi, n.] = death; mortality

死ぬ [shinu, v.] = to die

殺す [korosu, v.] = to kill, murder

死体 [shitai, n.] = corpse; cadaver

幽霊 [yuurei, n.] = ghost; specter; phantom

お化け [obake, n.] or 化け物 [bakemono, n.] = goblin; apparition; monster; ghost

お化け屋敷 [obakeyashiki, n.] = haunted house

悪夢 [akumu, n.] = bad dream; nightmare

魘される [unasareru, v.] = to have a nightmare; to make noise (while having a nightmare)

妖怪 [youkai, n.] = ghosts, demons, monsters, or something in between; Japanese folk creatures whom you probably know well from Youkai Watch or a million other things!

吸血鬼 [kyuuketsuki, n.] = vampire (though just vanpaiyaa will probably work better)

ゾンビ [zonbi, n.] = zombie

かぼちゃ [kabocha, n.] = squash, which is about as close as it gets to Halloween pumpkins of yore

Challenge: try to drop any of these in a casual conversation today!

Wanna share your nihongo knowledge? Send us your favorite
slang, dialectal phrases and study habits to goodmorningaomori@gmail.com


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