October 2015, Vol. 1

The leaves are changing, the air’s getting nippy, and soon you know it’s coming, just around the corner…Halloween. To kick off the most beautiful month of October we’ve got another fine edition of GMA for you and a special announcement! Peter Underwood has officially joined our team and will be taking over Trivia Trap! This column is a crowd favorite so get your thinking caps on and get ready to track down some tantalizing trivia, whip up a delicious homey recipe, and relax with your October copy of GMA! And as always, if you’d like to join our GMA team feel free to email us at!

In this issue we have:

Events — Mel’s got her first event roundup for us and it’s huge! Check out all the great things happening in Aomori in October Events

Special Feature — Wondering about all the great organization in Aomori? Learn more about our lovely EoA board and their awesome upcoming events in Everest of Apples

Trivia Trap — Peter kicks off his inaugural contest with a musical edition in Music to My Ears

MediaBug — Michael mixes things up a bit with some instrumental music in DE DE MOUSE

NomNom Tabemono — Mina brings us a delicious recipe to remind you of autumn back home in A Taste of Home at Home!

Voracious Vernacular — Jackson explains those complex kanji compounds to us in Two Birds With One Stone Is a Four Letter Word

Photo Corner — Ellen’s got some beautiful pics from her Silver Week adventures, how about you? Check it out in Silver Week Photos Vol. 1




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