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Everest of Apples

Hey Aomori community and beyond we are Everest of Apples! We’ve partied with you at the cabins for the AJET Welcome Party, explored the Ken with our Scavenger Hunt, you’ve rocked our t-shirts and soon we’ll be hanging out at our upcoming language exchange events and Halloween Party! But who the heck are we, what do we do, and why are we even here?


Everest of Apples (E of A) is a fundraising organization run by Aomori JETs and the local community. We were established to support educational opportunities for children in developing nations. We achieve this by coordinating fundraising events for the community.


EofAOur name, Everest of Apples, connects Aomori (Japan’s apple producing region) to the communities surrounding Mount Everest in Nepal. It also embodies our ethos that good deeds and donations, no matter how small, soon add up. In the words of Everest of Apples founder Richard Paterson, “If everyone gets together and gives a little, great things can be done. If you pile up many apples, you can make a mountain.”


Founded in late 2002, by Aomori ALTs Richard Patterson and Cameron Wrigley, EofA has raised funds to support various projects for the Prajwal School in Nepal and in 2009 extended support to and built a strong relationship with the NGO This Life Cambodia (TLC). Right now we are helping the Prajwal School pay for a school bus which provides students with the support they need to access an education. Thanks to the continued support of the Aomori community they have been able to purchase the bus and we are helping to pay off the cost of the loans.


What are we doing next and how can you get involved!? This month we have not one, not two, but three fundraising events planned for you all! No matter where you are in the prefecture check out our Dual EofA Talks Language Exchange events on October 10th. One happening on the West side at Hirosaki’s Robin’s Nest and one in the East at Hachinohe’s Muddy’s.

October 10th 6-9pm EofA Talks Language Exchange

Robin’s Nest in Hirosaki                                                 Muddy’s in Hachinohe

At the end of the month join us for our favorite event, the EofA Halloween Party! Stoked to party with everyone on Saturday, October 31st, keep a look out for the event page coming soon and mark your calendars! There will be music, there will be dancing, there will be a costume contest and there will be BLOOD! (haha kidding…well maybe a little with a vampire or zombie costume)


Thanks to the support of Aomori JETs and the Aomori community, Everest of Apples has been able to provide financial assistance to Prajwal School for building, transportation, scholarships, teacher training and more. We are so grateful to the JET community and the people of Aomori for their continued support. Looking forward to more great times together!


Your Everest of Apples team,



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