By Michael Diana

Welcome back to another exciting edition of Mediabug. This time, I thought I’d change things up by focusing on another genre entirely: instrumental music!

de de mouse 001

Endo Daisuke
b. 78/10/17

DE DE MOUSE is an electronic musician/producer originally from Gunma. He writes, produces, and arranges his own music, and also creates visuals for his live DJ sets. While he has been active as DE DE MOUSE since about 2005, he made his musical debut with the 2007 album tide of stars, which was inspired by Miyazawa Kenji’s classic novel Night on the Milkyway Railroad. To date he has released four full albums and seven mini albums. According to Wikipedia, the name DE DE MOUSE comes from his initials (D and E) and his small stature.

I don’t listen to much instrumental music of any genre, let alone electronica, so I’m not especially familiar with any of its big names. It seems that DE DE MOUSE is fairly well known in Japan, having collaborated with slightly more high-profile artists like Shinichi Osawa. But his level of recognition isn’t why I’m talking about him; this is about the music. I said earlier that his music is instrumental, but that’s not quite correct. While he himself doesn’t sing, or even feature any live singers in his music, many of his songs include vocaloid elements. I presume they’re heavily edited and distorted vocal/vocaloid samples–so heavily edited, in fact, that they no longer resemble any human language.

His entire aesthetic is pretty new to me. It combines ambient electronica with an element of the arcane, resulting in something that feels mystical and dreamy–otherworldly, even. The computer-generated vocals certainly play a part in that. All in all, DE DE MOUSE has a very unique sound, and I hope that those of you who like weird, unique music will also appreciate his work. For those of you who don’t care for that kind of thing . . . maybe I’ll have something that suits your interests better next time (I’m working on a Halloween playlist, hope it appeals to everyone). On that note, you should check out DE DE MOUSE’s Instagram because he is precious.

Songs of Note

Baby’s Star Jam

floats & falls

milkyway planet

east end girl

milkyway drive

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