September 2015, Vol. 2

Hello Aomorians!

Hope you’re excited for the new school term and the new autumn weather. And, of course, a new GMA! Here at Good Morning Aomori, we’re excited to welcome a new Column Editor, Mel Tee from Towada, who will be taking over Events. Yay Mel!

And for anyone else who may be interested in joining the team, check out the short description of our open columns below and email us at for more info!

MediaBug (Film):  Do you have a passion for Japanese or Japan-inspired movies?  (Or television?)  If so, share your love with everyone in MediaBug (Film).

Japantics: Do you have some hilarious stories about your antics in Japan? Or someone else’s? Tell us all about it and get some commiserating chuckles from people who have been there too!

Off Route: Do you like to travel in Aomori? Japan? Earth? Share your adventures and hard won travel tips and encourage people to get out and enjoy our Blue Forest!

Northern Sweat: Are you a gym rat? Or just really good at inspiring people to work out? Help whip your fellow JETs into shape writing in Northern Sweat!

Today’s Lesson: Got some bangin’ lesson plans you really wanna share with others? Tell us all about it as well as any classroom tips and tricks that have worked for you!

Now, without further ado, in this issue we have:

Special Feature – Mel’s getting started early by bringing us a special on a delicious upcoming food festival in B-1 Grand Prix in Towada

Photo Corner – Ellen’s gathered some of your great pics from the AJET Welcome Party in Welcome Party: Photo Wrap-Up

NomNom Tabemono – Staring sadly at your plate waiting for dinner ideas? Kat’s got you covered with Bosphorus Mackerel

Wordslingin’ – Sam continues her poetry submission series in Home Away From Home: Part Two

A Novel Idea – Looking for a good book? Check out Rebecca’s continuing series on Tamora Pierce with Protector of the Small

AJET Take-Away – Did you make it to the Welcome Party? Let us know what you thought in Welcome Party Survey




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