September 2015, Vol. 1

September is here and school is in full swing again! Whether your an old JET enjoying your school’s Sports Festival or a new JET desperately trying to make sense of the numerous events during the second semester, chances are you’re being kept on your toes! Well, just for you we have a super-special extra-light edition of GMA! Perfect for getting your Aomori news-fix and getting on with your day! So without further ado…

In this issue we have:

Events — There’s lots of things going on in Aomori this month! Check it out in September Events

MediaBug — Michael brings us an awesome new VK band to add to our repertoires in Kagrra,

Voracious Vernacular — Jackson’s got some good vocab tips for when you’re dripping with sweat in Sweaty, Sweaty Japanese

AJET Take-Away — AJET brings us a quick word in Aomori Orientation Recap

Photo Corner — Ellen brings us some results from her photo contest in New Photo Column Icon Entries


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