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New Photo Column Icon Entries

This issue of Photo Corner has been in production for some time now, mainly because it seems that some people don’t recognize their own talents when it comes to taking awesome photos and are obviously too modest to send them to me… but anyway the idea of this competition is to choose new icons to represent each of GMA’s columns.  The chosen photos will be edited print-block style, so they will look something like this:


Original Nom Nom Tabemono example


Edited example

If this is the first time you’ve heard about this project and you’d like to send in your photos to me on Facebook, I will update the entry list if there is enough interest.  But for now, take a look at the rundown of the columns again followed by their photo entries.  (It’s pretty much a Harrison, Sam and Ellen party!)

  • AJET Take-away (news)
  • Aomori Spotlight (JET interviews)
  • A Novel Idea (book reviews)
  • Japantics (misadventures in Japan)
  • Mediabug (Japanese music and bands)
  • Northern Sweat (fitness tips)
  • Nom Nom Tabemono (recipes and restaurant reviews)
  • Off Route (travel tips and stories)
  • Photo Corner (photography)
  • Today’s Lesson (lesson ideas and tips)
  • Voracious Vernacular (Japanese language tips)
  • Wordslingin’ (prose and poetry)

Please email or message me on Facebook with the caption of your favourite photo from each column to vote.


AJET Takeaway

Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Aomori Spotlight

Ellen Fraser, Fukaura


Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Media Bug

Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

"Yeah man" Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

“Yeah man”
Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Nom Nom Tabemono

Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

“Oden ladies”
Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

"Sushi" Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Off Route

“Band Pose”
Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Veracious Vernacular

"No Scribbling" Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

“No Scribbling”
Ellen Fraser, Fukaura

Have some photos you’d like to contribute? We’d love to have them! Email us at or contact Ellen directly at



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