AJET Announcements

Aomori AJET Charter, Amendment 1

Hello Aomorians! A couple of months ago, we debuted the first ever Aomori AJET charter.

This document outlined our roles as AJET officers,

we hereby swear to remain the cat’s meow and to put on purrfectly fun events in Aomori

your roles as Aomori AJET members,

whether you’re dancing, playing catch-the-laser, or catnapping: we want you to enjoy our events with NO MEMBERSHIP FEES required

and it set guidelines for the funtimes with a mission statement that would let the prefecture know what we’re all about.

at our daytime, nighttime, barbecue, picnic, whatever events… we’re here for you!

Our first charter wasn’t perfect, but it was a great start! We realized this and have been working to improve upon it steadily since it was made live. We are proud to announce the first amendment to the Aomori AJET Charter is here today!

First, we changed the order of sections. Now, directly following the mission statement, you’ll get a breakdown of the AJET council members’ positions and what they are responsible for. After that, we have membership expectations and details for conflict management should problems arise within any AJET event. Finally, we have the process of amending the charter, which we actually have amended! The first draft of the charter stipulated that any changes in the charter must be up for a vote, for no less than a period of one week. So for one week, you can vote yay or nay here on the changes made to the charter. In the future, we will not require a prefecture-wide vote on amendments should this revision be accepted.

Please feel free to read through our charter, vote on its amendment, and as always- if you have any concerns, questions, or comments, please email us at aomoriajet@gmail.com!

And again, you can check out the amended charter here and compare it to the old charter here!

one final cat for the road


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