AJET Take-Away

Welcome JETlings!

Just a short while ago we welcomed many new JETs to our Aomori community and we’re super excited to have you here! Welcome!

Now, if you’re looking at this whole AJET thing and wondering “Who the heck is this?” we’ve got a thorough explanation right here! But in short, we’re a group of volunteers who are deeply invested in making sure you enjoy your experience in Japan and stay connected with your JET community. To achieve that, we primarily focus on planning events for you and your friends (foreign, Japanese, and JET alike) to enjoy together! If you’ve got any idea for events we’d love to hear them and if you’d like to help out we’d love that even more! Our email is AomoriAJET@gmail.com and the unread mail notification makes us ridiculously excited.


Us with email. Seriously.

For a quick glance at all the events we’ve got planned, be sure to check out our AJET Calendar (pinned to GMA’s front page for easy access).

Coming up, we have the Aomori Orientation Welcome Dinner! This will be on August 26th and is for newbie JETs, RRs, and AJET only, so we’re excited to see you in a small setting. More details will come at Orientation.

But most importantly DON’T MISS our annual AJET Welcome Party! There will be food, games, music, and most importantly the chance to party with ALL the JETs in Aomori Prefecture! This is consistently a crowd favorite so don’t miss out! Mark your calendars for Sept 5th and check out more details here! Or on Facebook!


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