Home Away From Home: August

Last month before our summer hiatus, we at GMA asked you to submit a poem about your placement in the prefecture. It could be any kind of poem, any length and rhythm, so long as it was about your home in Aomori. Our first submission is from Melissa Pavy about her placement in Yomogita Village, and it reminds us to find the beauty in a day that could otherwise be considered a gloomy one.


Kotonoha no Niwa (The Garden of Words) (2013) directed by: Makoto Shinkai


We were supposed to clean the seashore –

the children in dusty white caps and bright

new garden gloves, the senior citizens’ club

with headscarves and cigarettes,

the board of education with a box of trowels and

a megaphone – we were to fill plastic bags with tangled

threads of seaweed, to discover abandoned analog

televisions and artifacts of the fishing industry

among north coast rosa rugosa and wild purple

morning glories blooming in the afternoon

wind.  But it rained, the phone

rang, and we spent Wednesday leafing

through dictionaries with the door open

to the cool, the scent, the sound.

I learned igai, when things are other

than as you thought, and igai but agreed upon ways to

pronounce a word that means “the surface of the water;”

sea-moon as jellyfish; “to feel by implication” – kehai –

the word is almost nothing but

breath, or breath caught – kehai:

a teenage Russian sailor, basil

seedlings, breathing sugar dust,

a rosary bracelet under the cuff

of the science teacher’s dress shirt, fizz

glittering off the surface of a canned lemon

cocktail and into the festival sky, to glance up

from the morning bicycle commute

at the heavy blue you forgot

would be there rimmed with

roses, teeming with milky sea-moons.

Have a poem about your placement? Please email all haikus, free-form verse, lyrics, and prose to goodmorningaomori@gmail.com!


4 thoughts on “Home Away From Home: August

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