August 2015, Vol. 1

August brings with it many things, new JETs, sweat, good beach weather, and the end of GMA’s summer hiatus! That’s right! We’re back! And we’ve got lots of fun for you in this issue so grab your computer and curl up under the AirCon with the latest copy of GMA!

In this issue we have:

Events — Check out what’s happening in Aomori this August with August Events

AJET Take-Away — Our sponsors give a jikoshokai and quick event round-up in Welcome JETlings

Northern Sweat — Alyssa keeps us motivated to move during the sweaty summer months in Local Wanderlust

Wordslingin’ — Sam brings us some homey poetry from the ken in Home Away from Home

NomNom Tabemono — Kat gives us a refreshing summertime drink recipe in Pimm’s O’clock

A Novel Idea — Rebecca continues her series on Tamora Pierce with The Immortals

And in case you missed it, be sure to check out and RSVP for the Annual AJET Welcome Party happening Sept 5th! Check out the details here!


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