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2015 Summer Festival Meet Ups

As you know, summer in Aomori is teeming with fantastic festivals, and some of the biggest are coming up soon! This year Aomori will have a big meet-up night again at each of the four big festivals. Everyone’s welcome so come check it out!

Festival Meet Ups:

Saturday, August 1st – Neputa @ Hirosaki City

Sunday, August 2nd – Sansha Taisai @ Hachinohe City

Thursday, August 6th – Nebuta @ Aomori City

Saturday, August 8th – Tachineputa @ Goshogawara City

More about the festivals (in chronological order):


Hachinohe Sansha Taisai

Sansha Taisai  @ Hachinohe City (July 31st-August 4th)

What: Huge 3D pop-up book style floats

When: July 31st – August 4th

Where: Take the train to Honhachinohe Station (not Hachinohe Station!). City Hall is just a 5 minute walk up the road and the main street is just a few more minutes up!

What are they shouting?: “Yare, yare!” (pronounced yah-ray)

Website: Japanese Website


Hirosaki Neputa

Neputa @ Hirosaki (August 1st-7th)

What: Floats shaped like fans and lit up inside like lanterns

When: August 1st-7th

Where: Take the train to Hirosaki Station and follow the crowd

What are they shouting?: “Yayado, yayado!” (pronounced yah-yah-doh)

Website: Japanese Website


Aomori Nebuta

Nebuta @ Aomori City (August 2nd-7th)

What: The biggest festival in Aomori! And one of the Tohoku Top 3. Get together to “jump” while carrying giant lanterns

When: August 2nd-7th

Where: Take the train to Aomori Station and walk straight down the road, the floats will be impossible to miss!

What are they shouting?: “Rasse, rasse!” (pronounced raw-say)

Website: English Website Japanese Website

Goshogawara Tachineputa

Goshogawara Tachineputa

Tachineputa @ Goshogawara City (August 4th-8th)

What: Amazingly tall floats you’ll be craning your neck to see

When: August 4th – 8th

Where: Take the train to Goshogawara Station

What are they shouting?: “Yattemare, yattemare!” (pronounced yah-tay-mah-ray) Meaning: Now or never!

Website: Japanese Website

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