June 2015, Vol. 2

With just two volumes left until our summer hiatus we hope you’re excited for both this issue of GMA and the warm weather ahead! We here at GMA are excited to welcome a new column editor, Katerina Skarbinec, who will be joining Mina Kim on NomNom Tabemono! If you’d like to join our GMA staff too check out our upcoming openings below!

Aomori Spotlight:Do you enjoy getting to know people in Aomori?  We are looking for someone to interview JETs and share your findings in Aomori Spotlight!

MediaBug (Film):  Do you have a passion for Japanese or Japan-inspired movies?  (Or television?)  If so, share your love with everyone in MediaBug (Film).

Trivia Trap: Do you know how tall Osorezan is? Or other obscure facts about Aomori and Japan in general? Challenge our JET community and dish out prizes in Trivia Trap!

Japantics: Do you have some hilarious stories about your antics in Japan? Or someone else’s? Tell us all about it and get some commiserating chuckles from people who have been there too!

Off Route: Do you like to travel in Aomori? Japan? Share your adventures and hard won travel tips and encourage people to get out and enjoy our Blue Forest!

In this issue we have…

NomNom Tabemono –Kat brings us her first recipe with Japan and Mint

MediaBug (Music) –Michael switches things up with some VK music in Schwarz Stein and Kaya

AJET Take-Away –AJET recaps the first ever Shimokita AJET event in AJET MutsUndoukai Wrap-Up

Photo Corner –Ellen brings us some more gorgeous photos from the MutsUndoukai with Osorezan: The Hikening

A Novel Idea –Rebecca brings us the first review in a series on Tamora Pierce in Song of the Lioness – Tamora Pierce Series Part 1

Northern Sweat –Love your phone? Also want to exercise? Alyssa’s got some great suggestions in Top 5 Apps to Get You Movin’


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