June 2015, Vol. 1

June is here and so is the warm weather. It’s the season to get out, say hi to friends new and old, and remember how much fun our Blue Forest can be. To remind you about where to check out some of that fun, we have a quick message for you from Chris Orr, one of our very own CIRs!

Good day splendid JETs of Aomori Prefecture! My name’s Chris Orr and I’m the CIR for Aomori City Hall. I just wanted to let you guys know we’ve started an English tourism Facebook page here:

It’s titled “Aomori Unearthed” (a play on all the Jomon relics here as well as the fact Aomori is one of Japan’s lesser known cities). We’ll be posting all kinds of things from videos to local event information, so please like the page if you want to be kept up to date on this fine city!

Now on we go! In this issue we have:

AJET Take-Away: Aomori AJET is very proud to introduce their new charter in Aomori AJET Charter

Events: A list of fun summertime events happening throughout June

Japantics: Ever wondered about Japanese candy? Hear about some misadventures firsthand in Candy Gummy Sushi

NomNom Tabemono: Mina brings us a tasty variation on French onion soup in Channeling Julia Child

Off Route: Take a trip down south for some great hiking and contemplate the famous question in Fukushima: What Does a Lake Taste Like?

Wordslingin’: Sam brings us a story of her own in Proper Prompting: Part 7

Voracious Vernacular: Jackson brings us some Tsugaru-ben necessities just in time for the contest in Tsugaru-ben Tsmattering

Photo Corner: Check out photos from AJET’s last event in Playground DeliPalooza Photo Wrap-Up

MediaBug: Michael continues to develop our musical tastes in Idols of the 80s 4 1/2: GUERNICA and Yapoos


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