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Aomori AJET Charter

Hello Aomorians!

Today we are incredibly excited to bring to you a project that we’ve been working on since March, the brand new Aomori AJET Charter!

As our AJET group has been getting more and more active over the years we’ve gotten some requests to more explicitly state what Aomori AJET is all about, and the answer to that was easy. We’re about you! We’re here to serve our JET community through creating safe, accessible, and (hopefully) fun events!

We also felt we should clarify some things about membership, finances, elections, and more so there would be no confusion in the future. Transparency is the name of the game! We’re so into transparency we might be a ghost!

Check out the PDF here!

But if you don’t have time now, that’s okay! It will be permanently linked to GMA’s main menu as well as the What is Aomori AJET? page so you can read it whenever you need! We recommend an accompanying cup of cocoa and a rainy window. Happy reading!



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