May 2015, Vol. 2

Good Morning Aomori!

We hope you all have been enjoying the gorgeous Spring weather. We’re sure you’d all rather be out enjoying the sunshine on this fine Monday morning but we hope we can at least spice up your workday with some fun online reading.

In this issue we have:

Northern Sweat: Alyssa’s back with the second half of her article on goal-setting in Making a Habit of It: Part 2

MediaBug: Michael reveals the true motivation for his series on Japanese idols in Idols of the 80s #4: Togawa Jun

Wordslingin’: Sam continues brings us another story in Proper Prompting: Part 6

Off Route: Check out Aomori’s ax-handle with Osorezan: No One Ever Told Me Hell Was Stinky

Photo Corner: Ellen’s rounded up some awesome JET photos from Spring Break in Golden Week Wrap-Up

A Novel Idea: Kim brings us another intriguing book recommendation in The Way of Shadows

AJET Take-Away: AJET brings us photos from their last event as well as the upcoming Mutsu Undokai in Playground Palooza Wrap-Up

Today’s Lesson: Pat teaches students How to Explain Japanese Words and Customs in English.


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